industrializzazione ieriIn 1968 more space was needed to cope with the increasing demand, which in the meantime the company had crossed over in to the nautical market and brings a new name, the O.M.C. becomes MARSILI Aldo, the steering wheel as a brand is synonymous with reliability and quality; and must necessarily have the name of the founder, it was neccessary to invest in traditional and semi-automatic machines, sanders and grinders, welding and carpentry department, turning and milling department, assembly department enhanced with the test bench, a shipping department, with block and tackle and a huge crane, all this contained in the new industrial building.

industrializzazione oggiThe second important step of the story takes place in 1982 with the purchase of the first CNC lathe that brings the production up to date, and the technical department "collaborated" with the best Italian and foreign Designers & Naval Architects and with the most prestigious shipyards.

2000 Marsili passes to industrial automation, enhancing production with CNC machines, this allows for greater penetration of the marine market, a rationalization of the construction of servo systems for autopilots, becoming official suppliers of some brands; Marsili Aldo & Srl was born.


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